Strategic Planning

Organizations that come to us for strategic planning services have usually recognized they need to grow or focus their direction, but need help doing it.  Through interviews and facilitated sessions with all stakeholders, we guide you through the process of  charting a course to a sound organizational future.  In addition to addressing challenges, ascertaining goals, objectives and tasks, we also develop an implementation scheme to ensure your Plan’s success, we'll  help you fulfill it. 


Strategic Planning services include:

Organizational Assessment and SWOT Analysis

Meeting Facilitation

Strategic Plan Draft

Assistance with Plan Implementation


Capacity Building

By building their capacity, organizations can improve their programs, fundraising, marketing, and organizational management.

We can help you build capacity in the following areas:

Interim Staffing (providing Executive or Development Director support while you grow)

Marketing (brochures, audience assessments, social media)

Membership (solicitations, benefits, value vs. affinity members programs)

Fundraising (appeals, grants, sponsorships, gift processing, fundraising materials)

Events/Programs (benefits and other cultivation events, educational programs)

Organizational Management (Board Development, Finances, Compliance, etc.)