Our Approach:

We're there for you, every step of the way. 


We approach each project systematically, using a combined assessment of past activity and current needs to develop the best strategy to move your organization forward. Whether it be a fundraising for a project, strategic planning or capacity building, we give our clients the tools—compelling case statements, solid prospect research, cultivation and non-profit management skills, implementable plans—that will ensure organizational stability and growth.

What makes SAM Fundraising Solutions unique from other firms is that we don't just hand you a plan or list of donor prospects and walk away. We are a "hands-on" consultancy that helps you through every phase of your fundraising from identifying funders to drafting the proposals and request letters, ensuring your strategic plan is on track, and ushering you through the growing pains of building your organization.


In recent years, we have modified our approach to the changing fundraising environment and have realized that donors are expecting their gifts to provide benefits far beyond artifact or site significance.  As a result, we are well–versed in conveying a project’s scope in a broader sense, thus giving donors the results they are looking for: demonstrated community and economic impact, greater community and audience engagement, government preservation or strategic plan advancement, solid evaluation methodology, and quantifiable outcomes.