Specializing in fundraising and planning for art conservation and historic preservation projects.  

Assisting European organizations build their fundraising programs in the United States.  



To us the conservation and preservation of an object or building  is about much more than the actual act of restoration itself.  It’s about how that treatment can contribute to our understanding of the world around us.  It’s about how it can impact a community.  It’s about how it can foster economic development.  It’s about how it can engage with others. 

This is what we convey in requests to funders – that a conservation treatment is so much more than preserving the historic past.  It’s contributing to the future as well. 

Our understanding of our historic, cultural, and artistic past doesn’t always start at home.  That is why we are dedicated to assisting European organizations build their presence in the United States, making their stories more accessible to a broader audience.  




Grants + Grants Admin

We are a full-service shop for seeking grants.  Services include research, proposal preparation, and grant reporting.  We also can manage your online grant management system account.  

Fundraising + Planning

We don't just hand you a plan - we help you implement it.  Services include research, cultivation strategies, membership campaigns, and appeals.    

Planning + Capacity Building 

We help you build what you have, or plan for the future.  

US-Europe Fundraising

Interested in fundraising in the US?  We can help you navigate cultural differences and build a successful program.   


Our Case Studies


Friends of Connetquot

The Friends of Connetquot is the membership organization of the NY State Connetquot River State Park Preserve.  They are dedicated to the preservation, conservation and history of the 3,473-acre Preserve, working with the Preserve's management to help protect a pristine environment and historic buildings and artifacts. They also support educational programs, fishing facilities, and hiking and equestrian trails.

SAM FS started working with FOC in 2009.  Over the years, we have helped this small grassroots non-profit raise nearly $1,000,000 towards the restoration of historic sites in the Preserve, double their operating budget, increase membership, facilitate their strategic plan, and manage their grant awards.  Today, this award-winning organization is considered a role model for other State Parks Friends groups.  


Project 1: The Nicoll Grist Mill

The Nicoll Grist Mill is an important historic structure on the Preserve grounds that had fallen into disrepair.  Working with the Board, SAM FS helped to raise the funds needed to restore the Mill and make it operational once more.  

Project 2: The Grist Mill Museum 

Once the restoration is complete, the FOC aims to transform the Mill into a Museum of early Long Island history.  SAM FS has helped guide the museum planning, including securing funds for the development of new educational programs, docent training,  and teaching materials. 

Project 3: Strategic Planning 

As a volunteer-run organization, the FOC needed some guidance to handle its many projects.  SAM FS helped facilitating several strategic planning sessions that resulted in a five-year plan.  

Project 4: General Fundraising  

SAM FS has helped the FOC with securing funds for general operating support: we have increased the number of appeals to two annually, developed and administered an online fundraising campaign, and ensure that all grant reporting and online grant registrations are up-to-date.  


Select Case Studies


1. Merchant's House Museum

Over the years, we have successfully managed the Museum's grants, researching new prospects, maintaining existing grants, and securing funds from new sources, including New York City.  In addition, we assist with appeal and membership campaigns.  

2. Historic Royal Palaces 

When HRP came to us to help build their American Patrons program, we used our extensive museum network to host events with like-minded partners. By introducing the partners' membership to HRP's activities in the US, we have helped them establish a large list and a dynamic event program.  

3. douglaston and Little Neck Historical Society 

After spending years as a volunteer-run organization, the DLNHS decided to bring in a part-time Executive Director.  In this role, president Susan A. Mathisen has helped them become more professional, with a sound strategy, consistent event calendar, and improved administration.  

4. Historic House Trust of NYC

HHT is the umbrella organization for twenty-three historic houses in NYC.  As part of a capacity building initiative, SAM FS spent a day at each house, assisting with any fundraising need including planned giving, strategic planning, membership building, and board development.  In addition, the houses were able to use SAM FS for additional services, such as grant review, online campaigns, and prospect research.   


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